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Welcome to the Partridge Nest, now in a private WIKI format. I was hoping to create a WIKI where users could contribute but the MediaWiki software is greatly targeted by spammers (useless humans intent on making the Internet worse for everyone) and as such I have created this as a private WIKI editable only by me.

Partridge Family Histories

The first project will be to place online what I have on the Partridge family of Medfield, Massachusetts. This data comes from my separate Partridge database and may is not be reflective of all the information and sources I have in my personal genealogy database. I descend directly from both William Partridge and John Partridge of Medfield, Massachusetts.

Partridge Individual Histories

Records Pages of Partridges

These pages are sources to the data found in the family histories above. When possible and permittable I include images of the documents. These documents will eventually cross-link with the family histories.

Census Records of Partridges

Obituaries of Partridges

Notes on Partridges

Articles about Partridges

These articles were on the last rendition of the PartridgeNest and have been transferred here.

  • The Four Josiah Partridge’s
    One would think that proving four generations of Josiah Partridge’s would be relatively simple. But this line of the Partridge family has remained difficult to track for over a century. It starts with Josiah Partridge, son of Nathaniel Partridge and Lydia Wright of Medfield, Massachusetts.
  • Captain John Partridge of Navestock, England
    The ancestry of the Partridge Family of Medfield, Massachusetts, being that of Capt. John Partridge and Jane Hogg of Navestock is refuted here. Any other source making this claim derives from this source and the research of Dennis Partridge and Priscilla McElvein.



I expect to add to these as I go along and see different issues. For purposes of keeping consistency though, I'd like to keep to these standards.

  • Each page should be for one person, not a family unit, though you should add the family information in. Biographical information should be limited to the targeted person for the page, not their spouse, when possible.
  • The title of the page should be structured as "Surname, Given Middle (birthyear-deathyear)
    • If date is not known an estimate is appreciated prefixed by c, like c1653.
  • Female lines will only be included down two generations from their Partridge marriage, unless they match up with the Partridge line again further down the tree.
  • When listing the children and that child has children themselves, please provide only the pertinent facts, BMD and similar, Bapt. Burial, etc. in the parents Family area. No reason to repeat all of what you on the person there, visitors can click through and see it on the persons page if they want to know more.
    • For an example of this please see Elisha Harding beneath Mary Partridge's page, and then view Elisha Harding's personal page. Even though he never married and had no offspring, there was sufficient biographical information to create a separate page for him.
  • Locations should be shortened enough without confusing the researcher, then provided abbreviated later in the biography area. This same thing should be replicated within the family area. An example would be Medfield, Massachusetts. The first time in both the bio area and family area I would list that as Medfield, Massachusetts, and link it, but any subsequent usage of the town would only be Medfield, and unlinked.

Getting started