Richard Partridge

Richard Partridge
b: 21 Apr 1783
A farmer in Bedfordshire, Richard emigrated to USA with his family. Between 1830-1836 they resided in Courtland, New York, and in 1836 the moved to Erie County, Pennsylvania. They had seven children born in England and christened at the Luton Wesleyan Chapel, Bedfordshire between 1817-1827. The family emigrated from Leagrave Bedfordshire in 1830 and settled first in Cortland County, New York. They had two more children, born in New York ca 1832-34. The family moved to Erie Co. Pennsylvania ca 1835 andto Rockport, Spencer Co. Indiana in 1850. The father, mother and two of their daughters returned to Erie Co. Pennsylvania ca 1854. Microfilm records kept at Willard Library, Evansville, Indiana. 13 children. Could one of those children be Stephen Partridge of Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN in 1850???
  • 21 Apr 1783 - Birth - ; Leagrave, Bedfordshire, England
  • 09 May 1783 - Christening - ; Tilsworth, Bedfordshire
John Partridge
10 Sep 1716 -
Richard Partridge
02 Dec 1756 -
Jane Simons
17 Mar 1715/16 -
Richard Partridge
21 Apr 1783 -
William Scroggs
ABT 1725 - 12 Mar 1780
Elizabeth Scroggs
09 Jun 1758 -
- 19 Oct 1800
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Richard Partridge
Birth02 Dec 1756Luton St. Mary, Bedfordshire
Death Leagrave, Bedfordshire
Marriage25 May 1778to Elizabeth Scroggs at Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire
FatherJohn Partridge
MotherJane Simons
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Scroggs
Birth09 Jun 1758Toddington, Bedfordshire
Death Leagrave, Bedfordshire
Marriage25 May 1778to Richard Partridge at Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire
FatherWilliam Scroggs
MJohn Partridge
Birth18 Jul 1781Tilsworth, Bedfordshire
Marriage18 Oct 1804to Sarah Flecknoe at Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire
FJane Partridge
Birth16 Jun 1786Tilsworth, Bedfordshire
Death10 Sep 1865Luton, Bedfordshire
Marriageto James Bradshaw
MWilliam Scroggs Partridge
Birth29 Mar 1795Tilsworth, Bedfordshire
Marriage17 Aug 1816to Sarah Gower at Tilsworth, Bedfordshire
MRichard Partridge
Birth21 Apr 1783Leagrave, Bedfordshire, England
DeathPennsylvania, USA
Marriage06 Nov 1816to Ann Linnell at Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, England
MThomas Partridge
Birth11 Mar 1791Tilsworth, Bedfordshire
Death04 Jul 1853Leagrave, Bedfordshire
Marriage02 Aug 1815to Ann Linnell at Lea Grave, Bedfordshire
FAnn Partridge
BirthABT 1779Tillsworth, Bedfordshire
Marriage10 Sep 1798to John Deverell at Tillsworth, Bedfordshire
FRuth Partridge
Birth05 Aug 1801Tilsworth, Bedfordshire
Death24 Dec 1826
Marriage28 Jan 1822to John Davis at Leagrave, Bedfordshire
FElizabeth Sarah Partridge
Birth15 Apr 1797
Death10 Sep 1848
Marriage09 Oct 1817to Francis Davis at Tilsworth, Bedford
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Richard Partridge
Birth21 Apr 1783Leagrave, Bedfordshire, England
Death Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage06 Nov 1816to Ann Linnell at Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, England
FatherRichard Partridge
MotherElizabeth Scroggs
PARENT (F) Ann Linnell
Birth24 Mar 1794Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, England
Death Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage06 Nov 1816to Richard Partridge at Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, England
FatherJoseph Linnell
MotherSusannah Padbury
MWilliam Linnell Partridge
Birth11 Oct 1818Leagrave, Bedfordshire
Death07 Mar 1895Rockport, Indiana, USA
Marriage15 Apr 1846to Olivia Turner at Harbour Creek, Erie Co. Pennsylvania
MJoseph Linnell Partridge
Birth07 Aug 1817Leagrave, Bedfordshire
Marriage02 Janto Ellenor Carter
MJohn Linnell Partridge
Birth09 Oct 1821Leagrave, Bedfordshire
Death07 Sep 1893Spencer Co., Indiana
Marriage12 Nov 1854to Cynthia A. Ellis
Marriage11 Nov 1852to Mary E. Crawford at Spencer, Indiana, USA
FSusanna Padbury Partridge
Birth23 May 1823Leagrave, Bedfordshire, England
Death18 Jul 1900Auburn, Washington, USA
Marriage21 Dec 1847to William C. Warner
FHarriet Rebecca Partridge
Birth20 Dec 1831Cortland Co. New York, USA
Marriage05 Aug 1852to Haniel Clark at Spencer, Indiana, USA
MRichard Partridge
Birth19 May 1820Leagrave, Bedfordshire
DeathIndiana, USA
Marriage08 Jun 1848to Margaret Stanford Dean at Pennsylvania, USA
MRobert Henry Partridge
Birth09 Oct 1838Courtland County, New York USA
DeathVicksburg, Miss., USA
MEdwin Partridge
Birth24 Feb 1827Leagrave, Bedfordshire
Death05 May 1853Rockport, Spencer, Indiana, USA
FElizabeth Partridge
Birth13 Jan 1825Leagrave, Bedfordshire
[S-1842794011] ryan.ftw
[S-1842793998] Ryan Family Record
Descendancy Chart
Richard Partridge b: 21 Apr 1783
Ann Linnell b: 24 Mar 1794
William Linnell Partridge b: 11 Oct 1818 d: 07 Mar 1895
Olivia Turner b: 29 Jan 1826
Elizabeth Partridge b: ABT 1849
Joseph Linnell Partridge b: 07 Aug 1817
John Linnell Partridge b: 09 Oct 1821 d: 07 Sep 1893
Susanna Padbury Partridge b: 23 May 1823 d: 18 Jul 1900
William C. Warner b: 05 May 1815 d: 24 Jul 1882
Ellen Elizabeth Warner b: 10 May 1857 d: 23 Apr 1952
Charles Alexander Ryan b: 26 Aug 1854 d: 25 Dec 1922
Anna Louise Ryan b: 06 May 1895 d: 27 Feb 1997
Walter Arthur Spindler b: 23 Sep 1894 d: 28 May 1977
Robert Edgar Spindler b: 25 Dec 1919 d: 29 Feb 1928
Richard Strassburg b: 1902 d: Jul 1982
Harry G. Ryan b: 26 Jul 1884 d: 1888
Roger William Ryan b: 26 Sep 1893 d: 02 Jun 1975
Helen Clark b: 20 Jun 1893 d: 20 Mar 1987
John Albert Warner b: 05 May 1849 d: 15 Jan 1854
Edwin Sherman Warner b: 09 Jan 1866
Mable F. Ayars b: 02 Apr 1871
Arthur L. Warner b: 01 Aug 1900
Wilber V. Warner b: 05 Dec 1895
Robert W. Warner b: 23 May 1910
Esther Warner b: 14 Nov 1894
Annie Rothilda Warner b: 07 Apr 1855
Frank Seth Warner b: 25 Dec 1867
Wayne W. Warner b: 22 Sep 1892
Ruth E. Warner b: 24 Oct 1893
Robert Henry Warner b: 02 Aug 1852 d: 18 Jan 1854
Susie W. Warner b: 25 Jun 1862 d: 20 Jul 1863
George W. Warner b: 29 Jul 1859 d: 13 Aug 1860
Wilber William Warner b: 20 Dec 1850 d: 11 Apr 1916
Paul Sherman Warner b: 25 Aug 1876
Luella Hughson b: 10 Dec 1876
William Hughson Warner b: 27 Nov 1910
Dorothy Warner b: 29 Jun 1905
Harriet Rebecca Partridge b: 20 Dec 1831
Edwin P. Clark b: 1854
Richard Partridge b: 19 May 1820
Margaret Stanford Dean b: 22 Nov 1823
Berna b: 1885
Clara J. b: 1891
Robert Henry Partridge b: 09 Oct 1838
Edwin Partridge b: 24 Feb 1827 d: 05 May 1853
Elizabeth Partridge b: 13 Jan 1825

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