Sturbridge, Massachusetts

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Sturbridge is a town in Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. Sturbridge was first visited by the English Puritans in 1644 when John Winthrop the Younger visited the area now known as Tantisques. Winthrop II bought the land from Tantasqua (local area sachem) and mined graphite, lead, and iron. The mine stayed in the Winthrop family as late as 1784 and was in operation until 1910. Sturbridge was first settled by the English in 1729 by settlers from Medfield, Massachusetts, and was officially incorporated in 1738. New Medfield and Dummer (after Governor William Dummer) were considered as town names before the town was named after Stourbridge, England.

The town of Sturbridge was established June 24, 1738, from the common land called New Medfield.

  • October 25, 1754, certain lands were annexed to Sturbridge.
  • June 26, 1792, a part of Charlton was annexed to Sturbridge.
  • June 25, 1794, a part of Middlesex Gore was annexed to Sturbridge.
  • February 15, 1816, a part of Sturbridge was included in the new town of Southbridge.
  • April 6, 1839, a part of Sturbridge was annexed to Southbridge.

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