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Vital Records of Sturbridge, Massachusetts to 1850

The following is an extraction from the manuscript, The Vital Records of Sturbridge, Massachusetts to 1850, published by the New England Genealogical and Historical Society in 1907. Any additions by me to this listing has been added like this: {something here}.


Abigail, d. Malachi and Abigail, Aug 15, 1768.
Abner, s. Josiah and Experance, {Experience} Feb 2, 1777.
Isaac, s. Malachi and Abigail, Nov 26, 1770.
Joseph, s. Josiah and Experance, {Experience}Apr 15, 1775.
Lois Rockwood, d. Eleazer Jr. and Mary, Dec 9, 1813.
Puah, d. Malachi and Abigail, Dec 3, 1774.
Silas, s. Josiah and Experance, {Experience} Aug 27, 1773.
Thankfull, d. Malachi and Abigail, Jul 30, 1764.


PARTRIDGE (Partradge)
Josiah and Sarah Martain [dup. and dup. int. Martin], Jan 30, 1755. [Martin, C.R.1]
Josiah and Experance [dup Experienc] Morse, {Experience} int. Dec 7, 1772.
Maranda of Holland, and Benjamin D. Weld, int. Nov 7, 1828.
Marcy and Ebenezer Rewee, April 7, 1782.
Malachi (Partradge), [dup. Malachi Partridge] of Charlton, and Abigail Jonson [dup. Johnson], int. Nov. 10, 1758.
Phebe S. of Brimfield, and Joseph L. Allen, int. May 7, 1839.
Samantha [of] Holland, and Warren Plimpton, int. Feb 13, 1818.
Silas and Abigail Rowson {Rawson} of Holliston, int. Dec 6, 1762.
Thankfull and Lemuel Mason, Sep 18, 1786.


Abigail, w. Malachi, numb palsy, Apr 29, 1808. [Patridge, w. M. P., in 72d y., C.R.1] [Patridge, w. Malachi, a. 73, P.R.1]
Puah, d. Malachi and Abigail, Sep 19, 1778.
Sarah, w. Josiah, Feb 6, 1772.