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1870 Orland, Hancock County, Maine Census

While searching this census, the enumerator abbreviated names

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  609A; Image:  170; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Partridge, Thos. F.: 46, m, w, Farm Laborer
Partridge, Nancy S.: 45, f, w, Dress Maker
Partridge, Martha J.: 1, f, w.

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  613A; Image:  178; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Soper, John R.: 70, m, w, Farmer, 2200, 800, Maine
Soper, Margaret: 71, f, w, Maine
Partridge, John S., 23, m, w, Farm Laborer, Maine
Partridge, Margaret: 17, f, w, Maine
Partridge, Elijah D.: 21, m, w, Mariner, Maine
Soper, John R., Jr.: 48, m, w, Farmer, Maine
Soper, Sophia: 30, f, w, Keeping House, Maine
Soper, Annie M.: 3, f, w, Maine

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  616B; Image:  185; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Partridge, Geo. M.: 74, m, w, Farmer, 600, 500, Maine
Partridge, Martha S.: 74, f, w, Keeping House, New Hampshire

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  617B; Image:  187; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Partridge, Elijah: 47, m, w, Farmer, 600, 150, Maine
Partridge, Eliska: 35, f, w, Keeping House, Maine
Partridge, Nellie G.: 6, f, w, Maine
Harriman, Daniel: 80, m, w, Retired Farmer, 1200, 4200
Harriman, Elenor: 40, f, w, House Keeping, Maine

Partridge, Charles: 47, m, w, Farmer, 2000, 1200, Maine
Partridge, Clara A.: 40, f, w, Keeping House, Maine

Partridge, Joseph: 40, m, w, Farmer, 2000, 550, Maine
Partridge, Deborah: 33, f, w, Keeping House, Maine
Partridge, Clarence D.: 3, m, w, Maine
Partridge, Annie M.: 1/12, f, w, Maine

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  621B; Image:  195; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Partridge, Henry: 47, m, w, Farmer, 1700, 500, Maine
Partridge, Elisabeth: 45, f, w, Keeping House, New Hampshire
Partridge, Arthur E.: 21, m, w, Mariner, Maine
Partridge, Leverett F.: 18, m, w, Mariner, Maine
Partridge, Harrie K.: 9, m, w, Maine
Partridge, James F.: 7, m, w, Maine
Kidder, Betsy: 75, f, w, Massachusetts

Partridge, Ellison L.: 38, m, w, Farmer + Stable Keeper, 2000, 800, Maine
Partridge, Sarah A.: 34, f, w, Keeping House, Maine
Partridge, Sarah E.: 13, f, w, at Home, Maine
Partridge, Washington I.: 11, m, w, Maine
Partridge, Harriet L.: 9, f, w, Maine
Partridge, Washington, 67, m, w, Gentleman, Maine
Partridge, Lasselle E.: 7, m, w, Maine

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  627B; Image:  207; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Osgood, Robt T.: 56, m, w, Dentist, 3000, 500, Maine
Osgood, Esther: 50, Keeping House, Maine
Partridge, Geo. H.: 23, m, w, Works on Railroad, Maine
Partridge, Martha, F.: f, w, Keeping House, Maine
Partridge, Varnum S.: 10/12, m, w, Maine

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  628A; Image:  208; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Crosby, Abigail: 72, f, w, Maine
Partridge, Leander: 36, m, w, Mariner, Maine
Partridge, Ellen M.: 35, f, w, Keeping House, Maine
Partridge, Lollie P.: 11, f, w, at School, Maine
Partridge, Willie A.: 6, m, w, Maine
Partridge, Herbert L.: 4, m, w, Maine
Emerson, Austin: 29, m, w, House Carpenter, Maine

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  628B; Image:  209; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Partridge, Isaac: 50, m, w, Farmer, 4000, 5000, Maine
Partridge, Fanny M.: 42, f, w, Keeping House, Maine
Partridge, Frankie M.: 19, f, w, at School, Maine

Year: 1870; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   M593_545; Page:  629A; Image:  210; Family History Library Film:  552044.

Partridge, Charles: 24, m, w, Works on Rail Road, 0, 150, Maine
Partridge, Clara A.: 23, f, w, Keeping House, Maine

1880 Orland, Hancock County, Maine Census

The following families were enumerated within the 1880 Orland, Hancock County, Maine census. I extracted these by hand on 7 August 2010 by browsing the entire Orland 1880 census.

My research into this branch of the Partridge family tree begins again as I try and determine over the next couple of weeks, where the descendants migrated to. The oldest person enumerated below is George Moulton Partridge, and many of the others are children, grand-children and gr-grand-children of George.

Year: 1880; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   480; Family History Film:  1254480; Page:  72D; Enumeration District:  141; Image:  0145.

Partridge, Henry:  w. m. 57 Farmer
Partridge, Lizzie: w. f. 54   wife
Partridge, Harry K.: w. m. 20 son, sailor
Partridge, Fred J.: w. m. 17, son, farmer

Year: 1880; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   480; Family History Film:  1254480; Page:  75A; Enumeration District:  141; Image:  0150.

Partridge, Elijah: w. m. 57, Farmer
Partridge, Eliska?: w. f. 45, wife
Partridge, Nellie G.: w. f. 15, daughter
Harriman, Elenor H.: w. f. 48, sister in law

Year: 1880; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   480; Family History Film:  1254480; Page:  75B; Enumeration District:  141; Image:  0151.

Partridge, Joseph: w. m. 59, Farmer
Partridge, Deborah W.: w. f. 44, wife
Partridge, Clarence D.: w. m. 13, son, At School
Partridge, Annie M.: w. f. 10, daughter, At School

Partridge, Charles: w. m. 57, Farmer
Partridge, Clara A.: w. f. 50
Partridge, Fannie M.: w. f. 8, At School

Year: 1880; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   480; Family History Film:  1254480; Page:  76C; Enumeration District:  141; Image:  0152.

Continued 193-225
Partridge, George M.: w. m. 85, Father, Farmer

Year: 1880; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   480; Family History Film:  1254480; Page:  78D; Enumeration District:  141; Image:  0157.

Partridge, Thomas: w. m. 56, Farmer
Partridge, Nancy S.: w. f. 56
Partridge, Martha S.: w. f. 11, daughter, at School
Partridge, George H.: w. m. 33, son, Sailor
Partridge, Vernum S.: w. m. 11, grand-child, at School
Partridge, Waldrem F.: w. m. 10, grand-child, at School

Year: 1880; Census Place:  OrlandHancockMaine; Roll   480; Family History Film:  1254480; Page:  80C; Enumeration District:  141; Image:  0160.

Partridge, Isaac: w. m. 59, Farmer
Jordan, Andrew J.: w. m. 36, son-in-law, druggist
Jordan, Frank M.: w. f. 29, daughter
Marks, Louisa C.: w. f. 29, House Keeper

Partridge, Ellison L.: w. m. 48, Farmer
Partridge, Sarah A.: w. f. 44, wife
Partridge, Wash: w. m. 21, son
Partridge, Hattie L.: w. f. 18, daughter, at School
Partridge, Lassell E.: w. m. 17, son, at School
Webster, Charlotte M.: w. f. 35, sister-in-law, Boarder
Webster, Marion S.: w. f. 11, niece, at School
Webster, Robert A.: w. m. 2, nephew

Lizzie A. Lane Correspondence

The following is a transcription of a letter written by a Mrs. Lizzie A. Lane of Stockton Springs, Maine to Vera Partridge Hamilton. Lizzie was born 17 Nov 1871 to Matthew and Elizabeth Ann (Berry) Partridge.  She married as her second husband, Fred Amos Lane.

Apr. 21, 1935

Have been hoping to get and to look up more about the questions you ask but have been unable to as yet. Haven’t licensed our car yet as the roads are just getting bare and the mud drying up so can do better a little later. I can’t write much more then I did before. There are two of the Harriman descendants now living in Prospect, Me. Mrs. Helen Harriman and Howard Harriman, their addresses are both Stockton Springs, Me. R. F. D. #1.

Mr. C. H. Partridge can tell you the middle names of the Benjamin family if any one can, and also about Samuel as he has the family record. I have been unable to go over there as yet.

His address is Stockton Springs, Me. R. F. D. #2-

The man from Augusta, whom I spoke of was Raymond Partridge. I don’t know his address only that he came from Augusta, Me.

Miss Addie Partridge of Stockton, Me. died in the past year. I think the Thomas you have was a brother to my grandfather. In your letter you said Leora Partridge (Josiah’s granddaughter) said her ancestor’s name was David so if he was her great grandfather, he was mine as Josiah and Amos were brothers and their mother was Sarah Shute, daughter of Benjamin Shute.

I think the Partridges here are another branch of Partridges from the ones in Mass., and N. H. as we have always been told that our ancestors came direct from england. I will try as soon as I can to look up more about it. Am sorry I can’t tell you more now.

P.S. The Addie Partridge spoken of was a relative and as I said before I think her
Grandfather, Thomas and my
Grandfather, Amos were brothers

But I am not sure about that. I can find out as soon as I can go to Sandy Point, where their home was.

Partridge Cemetery, Woolwich, Maine

The following records have been transcribed from handwritten records  in the museum at Woolwich, Maine, on May 26th, 2002, by Nancy I. Fricke. The cemetery is located on River Road.

Allen……..Mehitable Pushard (wife of William)
Allen……..H.       B 1884    D 1924
Allen……..William H.    B 1879     D 1968
Andros……Joanna S  (wife of Robert S.)      D Oct 30 1869  23yrs 2 mos
Andros……Millard H (son of Robert S and Joanna)      D Aug 8 1882 15yrs 4 mos
Austin…….Rebecca (wife of Timothy)      D Sept 9 1867  32yrs 3 mos
(buried in area of Preble family)
Bailey…….Daniel  (SAR)    B Mar 17 1756     D Mar 13 1817
Bailey…….Susannale (wife of Daniel)     B Dec 1764    D Mar 18 1853
Bailey…….Isaac      B June 3 1797    D Apr 27 1876
Bailey…….Emeline (wife of Isaac)      B Apr 28 1807     D Jan 7 1892
Bailey…….James     D Aug 19 1835   32 yrs
Baker…….Carrie I (wife of D.W.)    1863-1923
Baker…….Frank P. (1st husband of Carrie)   D Nov 20 1886    33yrs 1 mos
Baker…….Dexter W. (2nd husband of Carrie)    B 1844   D 1923
Bates……..Isabella D       Dec 9,1828  29yrs  (See White family)
Blair………James  (Mass Mil. Rev. Marker)D Nov 27 1873   85 yrs
Blair………Elizabeth (his wife)    D Apr 19 1873    84yrs
Blair………Ephraim J    D Aug 10 1876    56yrs 7 mos
Blair………Catherine A (wife of Ephraim)    D Jan 27 1864    37yr 8 mos
Blair………Phebe (daughter)      D Oct 11 1851     2yrs 10 mos
Blair………Augusta W (daughter of Winthrop T & Kate A)     D Mar 6 1888   4 mos 11 days
Blair………Winthrop T    D Apr  1 1888    35 yrs 20 days
Blair………Kate A (wife of Winthrop)    B May 23 1850    D Dec 2 1931
Blair………David Willard  1855-1930
Blair………Lilly Mae (wife of David)   1861-1917
Blair………Samuel     D Jan 29 1882     57 yrs
Blair………Louisa P (wife of  Samuel)    D June 3 1895    61 yrs 7 mos
Brookings…Mary     Dec 17 1847 – Sept 24 1896
Brookings…Salome D Apr 28, 1840  16yrs 4 mos
 (unmarked soldier on lot here)
Brookings…Mary     B Nov 2 1810     D Nov 9 1893
Brookings…Emily A     B Dec 17 1842    D Sept 24 1896
Butler……..Mary M      B May 11 1838    D Dec 24 1913
Card………Joanna (wife of John)     D Mar 18 1853     60 yrs
Card………Hudah S (dau of John & Joanna)    D Feb 10 1842    20yrs
Carlton……Hannah (wife of John G)     D Aug 5 1852     78yrs 3 mos
Carlton……John  G      D Sept 25 1866      89 yrs 7 mos, 20 days
Carlton……John        D Apr 11 1869     59yrs 6 mos
Carlton……Abigail (2ndwife)     D Sept 16 1887     62yrs
Carlton……Henry T     1860 – 1923
Carlton……John B     D Apr 24 1867     27 yrs 8 mos( Civil War)
Carlton……Rose Ellen (Dau. John B & Sarah Wright)   D Oct 5 1849   5ys
Carlton……Sarah R (Dau)    D July 15 1847    5 yrs 11 mos
Carlton……Susan M (Dau)   D June 19 1847    3 yrs 11 mos
Choate……(See Hodgkins)
Choate……(See Stinson)
Cookson….Caroline (dau of Richard & Mary)
Corliss……Mrs. Mehitable (consort of John Corliss)    D Nov 18 1831   58 yrs
Crocker…..William W      D Mar 4 1911     60 yrs 11 mos
Crocker…….Frances E  (wife)    D Oct 26 1880    27 yrs
Crocker…….William Leonard   D Apr 27 1864     33 yrs l m 17 days
Crocker…….Levi  1828 – 1896
Crocker…….Mary W (wife)   1812 – 1898
Crocker……Warren B (inscription unreadable)
Crocker……George A (inscription unreadable)
Crocker……Henry B (Son-Levi & Dorothy)  D Jan 6 1864   19 yrs 6 mos
Crocker……James M (Son -Levi & Dorothy) D Nov 21 1858    17yrs 7 mos
Crocker……Dorothy (2nd wife Levi)   D Aug 27 1871    65 yrs
Crocker……Wealthy M (1st wife Levi)    D May 12 1834   30 yrs
Crocker……Levi      D Oct 27 1880     76 yrs 10 mos
Crocker……Bassett      D Feb 26 1859     77 yrs
Crocker……Sarah (wife of Bassett)     D Nov 17 1871    88 yrs
Crocker……Almira L     D Oct 16 1852     38yrs
Crocker……Henry R     D at Acapulco  Feb 13 1853     21yrs
Crocker……Samuel M  1833 – 1912
Crocker……Ann M (wife of  Samuel) 1836 – 1922
Eaton………George (son of George W & Susan Eaton)    D May 4 1841    11 yrs
Eaton………Sophronia (daughter of George W & Susan Eaton)  D Mar 3 1844    2yrs 9 mos
Elliott……..Willard E     D (blank)
Elliott……..Alyce (his wife)   D (blank)
Grace……..Margaret see=Mains
Galvin…….Garret (no other info)
Goss………Infant (son of Jacob C & A H Goss)      D May 10 1858   20 days
Harnden…..Mary Preble (dau of Ebenis & Mary Harnden)    D Dec 11 1844    80 yrs
Hathorn…..Maria (Hathorn) Savage (wife of John Savage)
Hathorn…..Seth    B June 6 1783   D July 4 1865
Hathorn…..Namoi (or Naemah)(wife)     B Sept 28 1788    D May 11 1875
Hathorn…..Andrew M     D Mar 2 1847    27yrs
Hathorn…..John P (Hathorne)     D Nov 13 1861   32yrs
Hathorn…..Mrs Rebecca     D July 27 1843    87yrs 6 mos
Hinton……Capt. William      D Mar 23 1871    80 yrs
Hodgkins…Nehemiah     D Feb 14 1873     78 yrs
Hodgkins…Sarah W (his wife)    D May 8 1834    48 yrs
Hodgkins…Catherine M (2nd wife)    D Mar 7 1874    72 yrs
Hodgkins…Martha (Choate) (wife of Capt Thomas Hodgkins)    D May 8 1849   90 Yrs
Hodgkins…Betsy, (dau. of M Choate)   D Mar 21 1844    40yrs
Hodgkins…Martha G (dau of N & S W Hodgkins)    1yr 6 mos
Hodgkins…Capt. Thomas    1825 – 1893
Hodgkins…Martha A   1841 – 1909
Howe……..George S   1839 – 1924
Howe……..Henrietta (his wife)   1847 – 1921
Howe……..Lizzie S (daughter)   D July 12 1881  11yrs
Howe……..Clara A      D Sept 7 1882    17yrs
Johnson…..Fannie Mae    D Apr 1 1880    9 mos
Johnson…..William G     D Dec 15 1857    72 yrs
Johnson…..Elizabeth (wife of William G)    D Feb 26 1875    91yrs 6 mos
Johnson…..William J     D Feb 22 1883    55 yrs 5 mos
Johnson…..Coleman     D Apr 11 1897    79 yrs 4 mos
Johnson…..Mary J     D Oct 9 1895     85yrs 5 mos
Johnson…..Sarah F     B Feb 27 1848    D Aug 13 1904
Johnson…..Lizzie    B 1850 D ?
Leonard…..Mrs. Hannah    D July 26 1833   36 yrs (In memory of)
Lilly………Hannah  (wife of Capt Samuel Lilly)   D Aug 28 1861    82yrs 4 mos
Lilly…..George    D June 9 1842     39 yrs
Line…..Leander (son of James & Mary L Matthews)    D Aug 13 1841    20 yrs 11 mos
Line…..Mrs Mary (Line) Matthews     D Jan 10 1842    41yrs (wife of James Matthews)
Maine…James      D July 2 1863    75yrs 4 mos
Maine…Martha     D Oct 2 1845
Maine…Margaret (wife of James)   D Mar 11 1831   85 yrs
Main….Thomas C    D Aug 13 1883     69 yrs
Main….Jane D (his wife)    D May 11 1884     61 yrs 5 mos
Main….Laura (Dau of Thomas & Jane)    D Jan 29 1867  4 yrs  9 mos
Main….Samuel     D Jan 25 1851  78yrs
Main….Abigail (Wife)    D Aug 11 1870     92yrs 5 mos
Main….Miranda E (Dau of Samuel & Abigail)    D Apr 20 1891    72 yrs
Mains…John     D Nov 23 1889     71yrs 5 mos
Mains…Eunice (his wife)     D June 2 1890    78yrs 14 days
Mains…John      D Nov 23 1889    71yrs 5 mos
Mains…Alfred     D Jan 17 1884    32 yrs 6 mos
Mains…John Boardman  D May 27 1912   59yrs
Mains…Samuel  D June 9 1810  66 yrs
Mains…Margaret (Grace) Mains (his wife) D Mar 14 1831  86 yrs
Mains…Joseph      D Mar 5 1892     71yrs 11 mos
Mains…James McCobb     D Oct 12 1842     59yrs
Mains…Mary (His wife)   D Jan 19 1875     86yrs 5 mos
Mains…Olive    D Sept  8 1889  64 yrs 4 mos
Mains…Beatrice   D Jan 24 1889 75yrs 9 mos
Mains…Stephen (son of James McCobb & Mary Mains)   D 1825
Mains…Stephen C (son of James McCobb & Mary Mains)  D Oct 6 1832
Mains…Alfred McCobb     D May 3 1853    24 yrs 3 mos
Marble..Benjamin F      B   Nov 28 1818  D  Jan 16 1901
Marble..Abigail (his wife)   B   May 2 1820    D July 30 1903
Marble..Millard F (son of Benj & Abigail)   D Nov 177 1897    40 yrs
Marble..Revere A (son of Benj & Abigail)   D Dec 23 1854    5 yrs 9  mos
Marble..Benjamin H (son of Benj & Abigail)    D Jan 30 1847    17 mos
Marble..Leroy F (son of Benj & Abigail)   D Jan 19 1855    2 yrs 9 mos
Marble..Frances A (dau of Benj & Abigail)   D Oct 6 1842   21 mos
Marble..Elvin B (son of Benj & Abigail)    D July 4 1864    12 yrs 3 mos
Marble….Adella F (Adelia)      D Apr 6 1870     8yrs 10 mos
Matthews…Mary Line (wife of James Matthews) D Jan 10 1842    41 yrs
Matthews…Leander (son of James & Mary)   D Aug 13 1841    20 yrs  11 mos
Partridge….Joseph M     D Mar 1883     80 yrs
Partridge…..Nancy C (his wife)    D Jan 23 1885   74 yrs
Partridge…..Elizabeth A (dau of Joseph & Nancy)    D Aug 17 1842     2 mos
Partridge…..Rosetta S (dau of Joseph & Nancy)     D Nov 3 1850    11 m 11 days
Partridge…..Ephriam A     1837 – 1920
Partridge…..Susan McCobb Main (wife of Wm Partridge)  1770-1853
Partridge…..William   (Born in London)  1770-1853
Perkins…….Zilphia (wife of James)      D Sept 20 1854    46 yrs
Powers…….Victoria (dau Maxwell & Phebe Powers)   D Aug 4 1853    10 yrs 4 mos
Powers…….Richard (son of Maxwell & Phebe Powers) D Aug 25 1853 12yrs 10 mos
Powers…….Louisa (Dau of Maxwell & Phebe Powers) D Aug 27 1853 6 yrs 8 mos
Powers…….Maxwell (Son of Maxwell & Phebe Powers)  D Aug 4 1840 2 yrs 3 mos
Preble……..Francis (Trott)  D Mar 24 1868 57 yrs 8 mos 23 days
Preble……..Almira Trott  (his wife)   D Mar 25  1868    48 yrs 1 mos
Preble……..Mary      D Dec 11 1844    89 yrs
Preble……..Almira L (Baker) (wife of Cleveland B Preble)   D Apr 11 1849   24 yrs
Preble……..Joseph      D Mar 1 1853   80 yrs 9 mos (gr.grand parent)
Preble……..Mary (Lovejoy) (Wife)      D Dec 26 1855    63 yrs 8 mos
Pushard…..Stephen (blank)
Pushard…..Alma (Trott) (wife)  1862 – 1941
Pushard…..Alfred (son of Stephen & Alma)
Pushard…..Ransome K (son of Stephen & Alma)    D 1881
Pushard…..Wesley (blank)
Pushard…..Cora (C or G)(dau of Stephen & Alma)   1881 – 1882
Pushard…..Laurence A (son of Stephen & Alma)  1889-1889
Pushard…..Lewis     D Apr 3 1895  90  yrs 11 mos
Pushard…..Hannah (his wife)     D Mar 18 1897     87 yrs 8 mos
Reed………Samuel    D Jan 31 1866    94 yrs
Reed………Lydia (his wife)    D July 25 1846    70 yrs
Reed………Richard (son)    B Sept 13 1803   D Nov 26 1831
Reed………Lydia (dau)    B Mar 16 1819   D June 8 1842
Reed………Gilbert    D July 20 1868    48 yrs 9 mos
Reed………Martha (his wife)   D June 20 1905   80 yrs 6 mos
Reed………Alexander M (son of Gilbert & Martha)   D Oct 20 1873   9 yrs
Reed………Samuel 2nd  B July 17 1855      66 yrs
Reed………Mary W (his wife)(Born Liverpool, Eng)   B Feb 8 1797   D June 6 1831
Reed………Thomas J      D Aug 22 1840  11 yrs
Reed………Ellen G    D Mar 19  1841 11 yrs
Reed………Hannah L    D Sept 2 1843 12 yrs
Reed………Josiah W     D Port au Prince, San. Domingo  Nov 20 1843  21 yrs
Reed………Mary Ann G    D May 25 1849  20 yrs
Reed………Rev. Charles     D June 20 1834   38 yrs
Reed………Amanda (dau of Charles & Clarissa)    D Sept 22 1820 5 yrs
Reed………Paul     D  Aug 23 1889  87 yrs 3 mos
Reed………Caroline (his wife)   D Dec 31 1895  82 yrs 2 mos
Reed………Harriet E (wife of John)  D Apr 13 1848  21 yrs
Reed………Eunice    D Sept 27 1849    99 yrs 8 mos
Reed………Crosby     D Feb 24 1877    70 yrs 5 mos
Reed………Rachael (his wife)   D May 6 1880   73 yrs 6 mos
Reed………David(son)   D June 2 1856 21 yrs  7 mos (On passage from Havanna to Falmouth
Reed………Irving (Son)     D Dec 20 1859    19 yrs 9 mos
Reed………Hiram (son)    D Oct 25 1864    26yrs 11 mos
Reed………Helen A  (dau)  D June 19 1883   24 yrs
Reed………Lizzie S (dau)  D Mar 20 1888    52 yrs
Reed………Mary (Brookings)   B Dec 17 1847    D Sept 24 1896
Reed………John M    D Oct 26 1861    91 yrs
Reed………Susan (his wife)     D Dec 7 1826    48 yrs
Reed………Anna (2nd wife of John)    D  July 26 1855    75 yrs
Reed………Catherine M    D Nov 26 1878    78 yrs 4 mos
Reed………Richard J     B Sept 13 1803   D Nov 20 1831
Reed………Lydia   B Mar 16  1819   D June 8  1842
Savage…….John  (blank)
Savage…….Maria (wife of Hathorn) (blank)
Savage…….Thomas C   1839 – 1906
Savage…….Lester L     1869 – 1900
Savage…….Sammie J   1873 – 1879
Savage…….Minnie M   1877 – 1882
Savage…….Roger S  1866 – 1940
              Scolley…….Emma L  1884 – 1929
Scott………Ann (Mrs) (Born  Liverpool Eng)   D July 5 1854    82 yrs
Sewell…….Mary O (dau. Rev Jotham & Rachael C Sewell)   D Aug 15 1848    21 yrs
Small……..Elbridge G      B Sept 30 1840   D May 15 1892
Starkey……Henry  1810 – 1835
Starkey……Joanna (wife)  1808 – 1847
Steele……..William J     D Feb 22 1883    58 yrs 5 mos
Steele……..Loisa (dau Wm G & Elizabeth)  D at Sommerville Mass. June 10 1850  22 yrs 6 mos
              Steele…..William G   D Dec 15  1857    72 yrs
Steele…..Elizabeth (Wife of Wm G)  D Feb 26 1875  91 yrs 6 mos
Steele…..Caroline F   D Aug 19 1891   55 yrs 9 mos
Steele…..Louisa(Dau. Wm G & Elizabeth  Steele) D June 10 1850 Sommerville Mass 22 yrs 6m
Steele…..Margaret(Dau Wm G & Betsy Steele)    D Feb 11 1846    31 yrs
Stewart…Joseph B    D Jan 28 1853   16 mos
Stewart…George F    D Sept 7 1855   9 mos
Stewart…Sarah E    D  Dec 13 1849   2yrs
Stinson…John   D Oct 22  1861   76 yrs
Stinson…Washington   D Mar 25 1842  18 yrs
Stinson…Martha (Choate)   B Feb 5 1820   D Jan 13 1908
Stinson…Thomas  Mass.Mil.Revol. War (gov’t stone)
Stinson…George  D Mar 30 1902   84 yrs 2 mos
Stinson…Louisa H (his wife)   D Apr 2 1889   67 yrs
Stinson…Hattie E   D July 28 1860   3 yrs
Stinson…Melville G    D June 19 1854   7 mos       
Thwing…John Esq.    D Aug 10 1848
Thwing…Sarah (his wife)   D  Dec 7 1870   75 yrs 10 mos
Thwing…Isaac    D Jan 20 1876  72 yrs 1 mos 2 days
Thwing…Sarah (his wife)   D Oct 16 1839  37yrs 7 mos  8 days
Thwing…Eliza White  ( 2nd wife Isaac)  1808 – 1897
Thwing…Isabella    B Feb 8 1829  D May 15 1908
Thwing…Sarah (Dau Isaac & Sarah)  1832 – 1886
Thwing…Mary E (Dau Isaac & Sarah)  1835 – 1904
Thwing…William P   D Sept 29 1840    1 yr 5 mos
Thwing…Rachael N    D Jan 14 1842   5 yrs 1 mos
Trott……Alma L (wife of G D Trott)  1850-1917
Trott……Clyde and Eva (children of Alma) (no dates)
Trott……Gersham David   1867 – 1946
Trott……Delmar David  (son of Alma & Gersham)  1904 – 1945
Trott……Jane    D Mar 29 1867   85 yrs 11 mos
Trott……Mehitable    D Sept 18 1847   64 yrs
Trott……Emma Augusta (dau of Wm & Caroline)   D Nov 12 1841   6 mos
Trott……Susanna    D Aug 2 1867   70 yrs 6 mos
Trott……Mary   D May 6 1850  49 yrs
Trott……Esther S  D Oct 23 1846  48 yrs
Trott……Samuel Esq   D May 3 1854  81 yrs 8 mos
Trott……Hannah (wife of  Samuel) D Dec 27 1846  80yrs
Trott……Capt Charles    D Aug 28 1830  35yrs
Trott……Joanna (his wife)  D Dec 5 1876 81 yrs 4 mos
Trott……Charles C (son of Capt Charles & Joanna)  D Aug 31 7 yrs
Trott……Louisa (dau of Capt Charles & Joanna)  D Oct 23 1849 22 yrs
Trott……Hiriam (son)  (lost at Sea)    Dec 1862  41 yrs
Trott……Theodore    D Apr 3 1823   2 yrs 7 mos
Trott……Hannah    D Apr 15  1822   1 yr
Trott……William J   D Sept 4 1825   2 mos
Trott……Sarah C    D Oct 5 1843   21 yrs
Trott……Eliza A  D  Sept 10 1838  21 yrs
Trott……David  D Aug 30 1840  46 yrs
Trott……Mehitable (his wife)  D May 30 1886  86 yrs
Trott……Martha   D Apr 13 1855  66 yrs
Trott……Ann   D Mar 24 1851  66 yrs
Trott……Lemuel C   D Feb 19  1860  49 yrs 9 mos
Trott……Hannah B (his wife)  D Oct 26 1854   38 yrs 7 mos
Trott……Charles H (son of Lemuel & Hannah)  D Mar 27 1855   1 yr 6 mos
Trott……John A (son of Lemuel & Hannah) D Sept  22 1862    22 yrs
Trott……Abby H (dau of Lemuel & Hannah)  D June 25 1869   23 yrs 4 mos
True……Phebe (wife of William True)  D Feb 28 1880   80 yrs 8 mos
True……John W    D Mar 18 1855   25 yrs 2 mos
White….Martha O    D July 11 1840    29 yrs 18 days
White….George P    D Mar 28 1856   18 yrs
White…..Isaac    D Sept 14 1867  22 yrs
White…..Philip    D  1833
White…..Abigail    D 1842
White…..Mary B    D Apr 1838   26 yrs
White…..Isabella Bates     D Dec 9 1828   29 yrs
White…..Theodore     D Oct 17 1853   49 yrs
White…..Mary D (wife of Theodore)    D Oct 17 1849   44 yrs

The Woolwich, Maine Partridge/Patridge Family

William Partridge was born likely at London, England [Partridge Cemetery – Woolwich Maine, Nancy I. Fricke] in 1770 [ibid.]. It is unknown as to his English parentage or when exactly he arrived in the United States, but my first record of him appears in 1795 when he married Susannah McCobb Main on Christmas Eve. Susannah was the daughter of Joseph and Beatris (McCobb) Main (Mains). William and Susan went on to have eleven children, many of whose descendants resided at Woolwich, Maine for many generations.

The following information is basically a major census extraction of this line of Partridge/Patridge’s from 1800-1930, though other records were consulted. My main goal was to track the Partridge lines. Maybe as time allows I will be able to go back in and track the female Partridge lines as well.

The descendants of this Partridge family have been traced to the following locations other then Woolwich: Bath, Brunswick. Bowdoinham, and Freeport, ME; Claremont and Brookline, NH; New Haven and Montville, CT; Taunton, MA; and Poughkeepsie, NY.

The Partridge Family Tree has this entire line added. The source images of the census used can be found at the site. You must be registered and approved in order to view the source material.

Research Notes:

The town of Woolwich changed from Lincoln County to Sagahadoc County, Maine in 1854.

In tracking William and his descendants through the census the following variations of Partridge are known to be used: Partridge, Patridge, Partriage, Partrage


Begin the family of William Partridge

1800 Census, Woolwich, Lincoln, Maine
William Partriage


1 male under 10  John
1 male 26-44  William
2 fem  under 10  Elizabeth, Mercy
1 fem  16-25  
1 fem  26-44  Susannah

There is a female enumerated in this family, age 16-25 whom I am unable to account for. Susannah’s father, Joseph, passed away in 1790, so this could be one of her younger sisters. It could also be an unknown sister of William.

1810 Census, Woolwich, Lincoln, Maine
William Patridge


2 male under 10  Joseph, William Jr.
1 male 10-15  John
1 male 26-44  William
3 fem  under 10  Mercy, Joanna, Sarah
1 fem  10-15  Elizabeth
1 fem  26-44  Susannah

The 1810 census likely confirms that all members of William’s family were alive in 1810. This is the last census where I can account for John. So either he died and isn’t buried in the Partridge cemetery in Woolwich, or he moved and I cannot account for his whereabouts later in life.

1820 Census, Woolwich, Lincoln, Maine
William Partridge


2 male to 10  Horatio, James
2 male 10-16  Joseph, William Jr.
1 male 45+  William
2 fem  to 10  Sarah, Anna
1 fem  10-16  Joanna
1 fem  16-26  Mercy
1 fem  45+  Susannah
1 engaged in agriculture

The 1820 census sheds light on this family. The only listing above which was in doubt was the 2 fem to 10. There was a third child who also could have been listed, Margaret. I chose not to list her because nothing further is known of her, while I have spousal names for the other two (indicating they were alive in 1820). It is possible that Margaret is enumerated elsewhere in the 1820 census, but it is more likely that she was deceased before 1820.

There was another daughter of William’s that was known to be alive in 1820, Elizabeth (a. 21) however, she was married in 1819, and likely would have been enumerated with her husband. This can help confirm then, that Mercy was still alive in 1820.

1830 Census, Woolwich, Lincoln, Maine
p. 137

William Patridge
1 male 10-15  James
1 male 50-60  William
1 fem  10-15  Anna
1 fem  20-30  prob. Sarah
1 fem  50-60  Susannah

The 1830 census appears to be the most perplexing as I lose 4 of the family and can find then enumerated no where else in 1830. John, who would be 34 in 1830, would likely be on his own, but there is no census found for him in 1830 or above, so he may have died prior to 1830. The similar aged John Patridge of Gorham, and later Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine is from a different branch. Joseph, at age 28, steps off the grid, or is enumerated with another family of a different name. Horatio would be 18 at the time, and like his older brother Joseph, has disappeared.

Concerning the female between the age of 20-30, this is likely Sarah Jane, however I would need the marriage date between her and ??? Soule. Her sister, Joanna, aged 23 in 1830, married Henry Starkey in 1830, the year of the census. Since the census itself carries over into 1831, it would depend on when the enumerator made the actual rounds, whether she would still be living at home.

1840 Census, Woolwich, Lincoln, Maine

Wm Partridge
1 male 5-10
1 male 20-30
1 male 60-70  William
1 fem  under 5
1 fem  30-40  
1 fem  60-70  Susannah

Taking what we know of William’s family, I can only be certain of William and Susannah. Joseph was enumerated separately in Bath, and I can account for the 6 people enumerated in his family, providing that Susan Olive was born at the time of the enumeration.

1850 Census, Woolwich, Lincoln, Maine
26 Aug 1850
181 223

William Patridge 78 m   500 England 
Susannah   71 f    Maine
Joseph   48 m Farmer   Maine
Nancy   40 f    Maine
Malvy   17 m    Maine Attended School
Mary   15 f    Maine Attended School
Ephraim   13 m    Maine Attended School
Susan O   10 f    Maine Attended School
Joann    7 f    Maine Attended School

This census provides more information on the parents of Joseph, whom were known prior to viewing this record. The age of birth of both parents and the location of birth were not known. The location of England for the birth of William supports my suspicions, as I was never able to track his birth in US.

Problem: The age of Malvy (Mulvey) and Mary are different then what my records show. Specifically, the ages appear to be reversed. This is likely an issue with the census however, as the 1860 census will confirm.

Begin the family of Joseph Patridge

1840 Census Bath, Lincoln, Maine
p. 375a

Joseph Patridge
1 male under 5  Ephraim
1 male 5-10  Mulvey
1 male 30-40  Joseph
1 fem  under 5  Susan Olive (b. 1840)
1 fem  5-10  Mary Jane
1 fem  30-40  Nancy

I can account for the 6 people enumerated in this family, providing that Susan Olive was born at the time of the enumeration.

1860 Census Woolwich, Sagahadoc, Maine
27 June 1860
237 239

Joseph M. Partridge 56 m Farmer  1000 246 Maine
Nancy S.  50 f     Maine
Mulvy   24 m Farm Laborer  100 Maine
Ephraim   23 m Farm Laborer  100 Maine
Susan O.  20 f     Maine
Joann S.  13 f     Maine Attended School
Susan   87 f     Maine

This census has some issues with the ages of some of the family, most notably Joseph and his mother Susan, and son Mulvy. Between the 1850 and 1860 census, Joseph has only gained 8 years of age. His mother, which assumes that Susannah in the 1850 and Susan in the 1860 are one and the same, has gained 17 years of age. Mulvy, Joseph’s son, has gained only 7 years, but I questioned the age in the 1850 census, and if it was corrected to the appropriate age then, he would have gained 9 years, which is possible since this census was taken 2 months earlier in the year then the 1850 census had been.
1870 Census Woolwich, Sagahadoc, Maine
176 176

Patrage Joseph 67 m w Farmer  1000 255 Maine
Nancy  60 f w Keeping House   Maine
Ephraim  32 m w Working Farm   Maine
Scolley Julia 14 f w at home    Maine Attended School

Julia Scolley is likely some relative of Nancy, as Sculley is her maiden name.

1880 Census Woolwich, Sagahadoc, Maine
1 1

Partridge, Joseph w m 77  Farmer   Maine England Maine
 Nancy  w f 69 Wife Keeping House  Maine Maine Maine
 Ephraim  w m 43 Son Farmer   Maine Maine Maine Single

The birth location for Joseph’s father confirms what we have through other sources.

Begin the family of James McCobb Patridge

1850 Census Bath, Lincoln, Maine
929 1106

James Patridge  33 m Raftsman 300 Maine
Nancy   26 f    Maine
Annowva    7 f    Maine Attended School
Charles W   5 m    Maine Attended School
Flora A    3 f    Maine Attended School
Frances A Peterson 44 f    Maine

The spelling of James eldest child, Annowva, may be incorrect. I am not sure if there is any connection between Frances Peterson and the family of James and Nancy.

1860 Census Bath, Lincoln, Maine
1586 1600

James Patridge  43 m Day Laborer 600 Maine
Nancy M.  34 f    Maine
Ann M.   17 f    Maine Attended School
Charles E.  10 m    Maine Attended School
Frank    7 m    Maine Attended School

The 1860 census introduces us to Charles E. and Frank. It also provides a different name from the 1850 census for Ann, though this may just be a nickname she later went by. It is apparent that both Charles W. and Flora A. likely passed away during the 1850’s.

1870 Census Bath, Lincoln, Maine
237 227

Patridge James  51 m w Log Driver  500 Maine
Charles E.  25 m w Log Driver   Maine
Frank   18 m w Log Driver   Maine
Walsh, Ann M.  27 f w Keeping House   Maine
Partridge, William  7 m w     Maine Attended School
Walsh, Charles   5 m w     Maine Attended School
Walsh, Ednor E.       6/12 f w     Maine

The 1870 census has proven to be a treasure trove of information. Most noticably, it mentions Ann M. which is the name of the eldest daughter of James and Nancy, and her age matches as well. Likely this is her daugher, making her married name Walsh, and if we go along with the pattern, her children Charles and Ednor E.

William Partridge, a. 7 is a different story. His birth was in 1863, and the last child born to James and Nancy was in 1846, it is highly unlikely (though not impossible) that this child belongs to some other family.

Nancy doesn’t appear in this census enumeration, and has likely passed away. The 1880 census confirms that James has a new wife, by the name of Ellen.

1880 Census Bath, Lincoln, Maine
359 475

Partridge, Jas.  w m 60  Laborer  10 Rheumatism Cannot Read Cannot Write Maine England Maine
Ellen   w f 45 Wife Wash Woman   Cannot Read Cannot Write Ireland Ireland Ireland

While the age of James doesn’t match up with his actual age in 1880, I am quite sure that this is James McCobb Partridge. The location matches up, as does the parents birth location, once again confirming William’s birth as having occurred in England.

James has a new wife… Ellen.


Begin the Line of Horatio Nelson Patridge

1850 Census Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine
453 492

Horatio Patridge 39 m Tailor  300 Maine
Rebecca   46 f    Maine
George H  11 m    Maine Attended School
Horatio N   8 m    Maine Attended School
Charles O   6 m    Maine Attended School


Begin the Family of Mulvy Partridge

1900 Census Bowdoinham, Sagahadoc, Maine
82 82

Partridge, Mulvey Head w m July 1835 64 m 30 – – Maine Maine Maine Farmer
Susan W.  Wife w f June 1839 60 m 30 2 2 Maine Maine Maine

This confirms that only 2 children were born to the marriage of Susan and Mulvey.


Begin the Family of Frederick E. Partridge

1900 Census, Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire
6 127 208
6 127 209
6 Bond Street

Andrews, George A Head w m Apr  1838 62 m 19  Mass NH Mass Machine (Shoe Shop)
Andrews, Roxie  Wife w f Feb  1835 65 m 19 0 0 NH NH NH
Partridge, Frederick E Board w m Sept 1873 26 m  0  Maine Maine Maine Superintendent Water Works
Partridge, Minnie Wife w f May  1880 20 m  0 0 0 NY NH Scotl

Rossiter, Albert Head w m May  1843 57 m 23  NH NH VT Landlord
Rossiter, Hattie A Wife w f Feb  1845 55 m 23 0 0 NH NH NH
Sleeper, Alice M s-in-l w f Mar  1843 57 m  1 4 3 NH NH NH

We find Frederick E. Partridge residing as a boarder at 6 Bond Street, Claremont, Sullivan County, NH. He has married just that year, to Minnie. There is an initial given with Minnie in this census but I am unable to read it.

1910 Brookline, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
47 47
Mason Road

Partridge, Frederick E Head m w 36   m2 5  Maine Mass Maine  Painter House
Edith M   Wife f w 22   m1 5 3 1 Eng Eng Eng 1903 
Gladys H  Dau f w 13   s  Mass Maine Can Eng  
Eveline F  Dau f w  8   s  Mass Maine Can Eng  
Mildred F  Dau f w 4/12 s  Mass Maine Eng  

This census brings all kinds of new material to this family. It is apparent that the first wife of Frederick, Minnie, passed away before 1905. He remarried abt 1905 to Edith. Before Minnie had passed away, she and Frederick had two daughters, Gladys and Eveline. Frederick and Edith also had three children, of whom only Mildred was living in 1910.

1920 Census Montville, New London, Connecticut
93 112

Patridge, Frederick C Head m w 45 m  Farmer
Edith M   Wife f w 34 m 1903 Ns 1904
Mildred F  Dau f w 10 s
Arthur F  Son m w  3 s

The 1920 census introduces to us Arthur F. Partridge. And get a good look too… because I couldn’t find him in the 1930 census.

Begin the Family of Herbert L. Partridge

1900 Census, Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire
229 318

Partridge, Herbert L. Head w m Feb  1872 28 m 1  Maine Maine Maine Engineer, Stationary
Partridge, Maud  Wife w f Nov  1878 21 m 1 0 0 Maine Maine Maine
Barnes, Emily  m-in-l w f Aug  1849 50 wd  6 1 Maine Maine Maine
Main, Romeo  Board w m Sept 1878 21 s  Maine Maine Maine

The 1900 census of Herbert introduces us to his wife Maud, and provides the clue to her maiden name by including Herbert’s mother-in-law Emily Barnes. An interesting boarder in this family is Romeo Main, as Main is Herbert’s great-granmother’s maiden name.

1910 Census Freeport, Cumberland, Maine
256 297

Partridge, Herbert L. Head m w 37 m 11 Maine Maine Maine Carpenter
Maud E.   Wife f w 31 m 11 0 0 Maine Maine Maine
Mulvey   Father m w 74 wd Maine Maine Maine

We find in the 1910 census Mulvey, Herbert’s father residing with Herbert and Maud. It is likely that Mulvey’s wife Susan passed away before 1910.

There are two pages to this enumeration.

1920 Census Freeport, Cumberland, Maine
Pleasant Hill Road
102 105

Partridge, Herbert L. Head m w 47 m Maine Maine Maine Carpenter
Maud E.   Wife f w 41 m Maine Maine Maine

1930 Census Freeport, Cumberland, Maine
Pleasant Hill Road
249 263

Partridge, Herbert L. Head m w 58 m 27 Maine Maine Maine Egg Poultry
Partridge, Maud E. Wife f w 51 m 20 Maine Maine Maine

There are two pages to this enumeration.

Begin the Family of Ephraim Partridge

1900 Census Freeport, Cumberland, Maine
521 552

Patridge, Efriam Head w m May  1837 63 S Maine Maine Maine Farmer
Scollay, Emma L  Niece w f Apr  1856 44 D Maine Maine Maine none

Ephraim never married. It appears that his niece, Emma, after her divorce, moved in, as she appears with Ephraim in both the 1900 and 1910 census. I am unsure as to the identity of Emma in her relation as a nience of Ephraim. Will have to do some work on the Scully/Scollay family to find it. Ephraim’s mother was a Scully.

1910 Census Freeport, Cumberland, Maine
32 34

Partridge, Ephraim A Head m w 73 S Maine Maine Maine Own income
Scollay, Emma A  Niece f w 56 S Maine Maine Maine none

Again, showing that his niece Emma resided with him.

Begin the Family of Horatio Nelson Partridge

1860 Census Bath, Sagahadoc, Maine
1008 1036
2 pages

B. F. Bicknall  49 m Carriage Maker 1200 300 MA
A. G.   46 f     ME
Charles F.  20 m     ME
Abbie   18 f Music Teacher   ME
Horatio N. Patridge 17 m Apprentice   ME

Horatio has taken up residence with a carriage maker in town. He will use this apprenticeship to provide himself the ability to do carpentry work for the rest of his life.

1870 Census Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts
272 424

Partridge, Rebecca 63 f w Keeping House   RI
Horatio N.  27 m w  House Carpenter   ME

We find Horatio residing with the family of Joseph and Sarah Henry. Because I see no connection of this family, other then Horatio and his mother boardering with them, I have chosen not to include them here.

1880 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
133 Spring Street
157 257

Partridge, Horatio w m 36  Emp. Car Shop (RR) Maine Maine RI
Ella   w f 30 Wife Keeping House  NH NH NH
Charles   w m  1 Son    CT Maine NH
Rebecca   w f 75 Mother at Home   RI RI RI

The 1880 census is the first census which introduces us to the family of Horatio Nelson and Ella Partridge. We are also introduced for the first time to Charles Partridge. Rebecca, Horatio’s mother remains in the household.

1900 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
59 Hurlburt Street
98 142

Partridge, Horatio Head w m Aug  1843 56 m 22  Maine Maine Maine
Ella   Wife w f Nov  1849 50 m 22 5 4 CT CT CT
Charles   Son w m Dec  1879 20 s  CT ME CT
Francis   Son w m Mar  1881 19 s  CT ME CT
Harry   Son w m Feb  1885 15 s  CT ME CT
Mabel   Dau w f Jany 1890 10 s  CT ME CT

With the 1900 census we are introduced to 4 additional children of Horatio and Ella. We are told that one of those children (unnamed) had died by the 1900 census. The other 3 new children were Francis, Harry, and Mabel. Rebecca appears to have passed away, but I would need to do a thorough search of the 1900 census to cofirm this. If she was alive, she would have been about 95.

1910 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
59 Hurlburt Street
57 86

Partridge, Horatio N. Head m w 69 m1 33  ME ME ME
Ella M.   Wife f w 60 m1 33 5 4 NH NH MA
Charles W.  Son m w 31 S  CT ME NH
Frank S.  Son m w 29 S  CT ME NH
Mabel I.  Dau f w 20 S  CT ME NH

The 1910 census confirms that Horatio and Ella only had 5 children, of which 4 were still living. This means we should find Harry residing elsewhere in the 1910 census. All other children are still residing with family and are still single.

1920 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
59 Hurlburt Street
251 367

Partridge, Horatio N. Head m w 77 m ME ME ME
Ella M.   Wife f w 70 m NH NH NH
Charles W.  Son m w 41 S CT ME NH
Mabel I.  Dau f w 30 S CT ME NH

1930 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
59 Hurlburt Street
138 243
Partridge, Charles W. Head m w 51 S CT ME NH
Ella M.   Mother f w 81 wd NH NH NH
Mabel I.  sister f w 38 S CT ME NH

We cannot find Horatio in the 1930 census indicating that he likely passed away between 1920 and 1930. We still find the rest of the family intact, and both Charles and Mabel listed as single.

Begin the Family of Harry A. Partridge

1910 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
33 Bishop Street ? (unsure of street name)

Partridge, Harry A. Head m w 25 m1 5 CT ME NH
Gertrude  Wife f w 28 m1 5 1 1 CT NY NY
Harriet   Dau f w  3 s CT CT CT
Shore, Mary C.  m-in-l f w 49 wd   3 3 NY NY NY
Edward H.  b-in-l m w 19 s NY NY NY

This census helps us identify the wife of Harry, including her maiden name. It also introduces us to her mother and brother, and Harry and Gertrude child, Harriet. Mary will go on to reside with the family at least another 20 years.

1920 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
14 Padu Street
192 241

Partridge, Harry A. Head m w 34 M CT CT CT
Gertrude K.  Wife f w 36 M CT NY NY
Harriet A.  Dau f w 13 S CT CT CT
Julia M.  Dau f w 2 1/2 S CT CT CT
Shore, Mary C.  m-in-l f w 59 wd NY NY NY

This census introduces us to the only other child living by 1920 of Harry and Gertrude, Julia.

1930 Census New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
Family 114

Partridge, Harrie A. Head m w 44 m 20 CT ME ME
Gertrude K.  Wife f w 46 m 22 CT NY NY
Harriet A.  Dau f w 23 s CT CT CT
Julia M.  Dau f w 12 s CT CT CT
Shore, Mary C.  m-in-l f w 70 wd 19 NY NY NY

The family remains intact in the 1930 census with no changes other then age. Note Harry’s mispelled given name in this census.

Begin the Family of Frank S. Partridge

1920 Census Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York
33 Lent Street
15 28

Partridge, Frank S. Head m w 38 m CT ME NH
Anna B.   Wife f w 35 m CT Germany Germany
William F  Son m w  6 s CA CT CT

The 1920 census introduces us to the family of Frank S. Partridge. Anna B. his wife and William F. his son are new to me.

1930 Census Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York
148 North Clurtose Street ???
176 248

Partridge, Frank S. Head m w 49 m 29 CT CT CT
Anna B.   Wife f w 45 m 26 CT Germany Germany
William F.  Son m w 16 s CA CT CT

The family remains intact in 1930 and only the ages have changed.

Herbert L. Partridge Correspondence

The following information is correspondence (2 letters) between Herbert L. Partridge and Vera Partridge Hamilton. While the dates state the same, what I have is a typewritten copy, and the transcriber (Vera) obviously input the wrong date in one of the letters. This is the basis of what I used to document much more in depth, the Woolwich, Maine Patridge Family.

Freeport, Me.
June 21, 1943

Dear Mrs. Hamilton,

I am very sorry I can not furnish you with more information to the Partridge History, but I have a cousin living in Ayers, Mass., the last known address is:

Mrs. Affie Washburn
1 Fletcher St.
Ayer, Mass.

I don’t know if she can tell you any more than I have, but you might try her. She is the daughter of Susan Olive Partridge who married an Allen, I think. Respectfully, Herbert L. Partridge.

Freeport, Me.
June 21, 1943

Dear Mrs. Partridge,

I am afraid I cannot tell you much more then I did before. You asked about Aunts- Mary Jane and Joanna. Aunt Mary married Oliver Scolly, and lived in Bath, Me. They had five children-Emma-Julia-Cora-Ephraim-and George.

Aunt Joanna married Robert Andros. They had two children-Elizabeth Emma and Millard. Ad far as I know they lived in Bath, Me. Aunt Mary died in Bath, and I think Joanna did.

I have no Bible records, I guess Father never had any, at least none came to me. I am enclosing the address of

Mr. Robert Partridge
16 Western Av.
Augusta, Me.

I do not know the man, but have heard father say that he was related to his father in some way.

This isn’t much but hope you may be able to learn something from what little I have told you. Wish I could do more.

Very Sincerely yours,
Herbert L. Partridge

P.S. Thanks for the records and will be glad to receive any more you care to send.

P.S. You will be able to find some of the Partridge’s buried at Woolwich Me. in the Partridge Cemetery, and I know of a Horatio Nelson partridge buried in the Growstown Cemetery at Brunswick, Me.

P.S. no 2- You asked if I knew any of Father’s cousins. I do know of one. He was Capt. William Starkey and always resided in Bath, Me., as far as I know. His wife’s name was Affie. He was about Father’s age. I think his wife was Affie Purington. He also had a sister, Lizzie Woodbury. I never knew her. Lizzie had a dau. Lillian who married a Wood. They use to reside somewhere in Mass., but I do not know where.