Vera Partridge Hamilton

Vera Partridge Hamilton

Vera Partridge Hamilton

Every once in a while you will come across another researcher as eager as you to resolve the mysteries of your family tree. In my case, I’ve been fortunate to communicate with several people as avid as I am in researching the Partridge name, irregardless of where the family derived. There’s one person though who I never had the chance to meet, as we lived more then a half century apart, but yet it seems I have, as I’ve been reading her personal correspondence and notes for decades. Her name is Vera Partridge Hamilton, and she was a zealot genealogist back in the 1930’s and 1940’s who actively researched not only the Partridge surname, but many others.

A lot of the data on this website will be attributed to her, especially the letters. Not all data will be related to the Partridge family as I try and put all data online as a place of storage for it for researchers down the road. This is an extremely large amount of data, and as such, there will be no simple way to keep it organized from this one page. So if you’re interested in specific things which she has written, then perform a search for her full name using this link: Vera Partridge Hamilton.

I appreciate Mary Farley for providing me some images of Vera, so that we can put a face to the name:

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