Eliada Way

Eliada Way
b: 16 Jan 1806
!BIRTH Letter from Betty Annis to H. Eugene Nielson, 8 May 1989. There is a family story that Alexander and Eunice died of cholera and a neighbor noticed that there was no smoke rising from their chimney andthe cows were bawling because they had not been milked so he went over and theparents were dead but Eliada was alive. Eliada was then raised by another familyof Partridge's who moved to Ohio. Eliada certainly went to Ohio, but I cannot connect him to Alexander and Eunice. - Betty Annis The family of Partridge's he resided with was probably Cyrus', Eunice's brother.
  • 16 Jan 1806 - Birth - ; Galway, Saratoga, Ny
Alexander Way
- 27 May 1807
Eliada Way
16 Jan 1806 -
Stephen Patridge
10 Jun 1746 -
Eunice Patridge
11 May 1785 - 27 May 1807
Esther Emerson
14 Jun 1751 - 10 Feb 1835
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Alexander Way
Death27 May 1807 Galway, Saratoga, Ny
Marriageto Eunice Patridge
PARENT (F) Eunice Patridge
Birth11 May 1785Rochester, Windsor, Vt
Death27 May 1807 Galway, Saratoga, Ny
Marriageto Alexander Way
FatherStephen Patridge
MotherEsther Emerson
MEliada Way
Birth16 Jan 1806Galway, Saratoga, Ny

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