Moors Patridge

Moors Patridge
b: 21 Oct 1812
d: Dec 1897
Resided in Shushan, NY. BIOGRAPHY: Moors was apparently in the military at the time James was born. He served as aid e to a ranking officer ( perhaps a general). The story in the family is that when this offic er heard that Moors was to be a father, he asked that if it were a son, he be named Oswald . He presented a cane, or walking stick to Moors to be given to his son, and it was to be pa ssed on to each succeeding male named Oswald. - Howard Oswald Partridge Research: At the time of his wife's death he was aninvalid. This is a large family so who wer e the rest of the children???
  • 21 Oct 1812 - Birth -
  • Dec 1897 - Death -
Stephen Patridge
10 Jun 1746 -
Adrial Patridge
04 Nov 1790 -
Esther Emerson
14 Jun 1751 - 10 Feb 1835
Moors Patridge
21 Oct 1812 - Dec 1897
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Adrial Patridge
Birth04 Nov 1790Rochester, Windsor, Vt
Marriageto Elizabeth Stickney
FatherStephen Patridge
MotherEsther Emerson
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Stickney
Marriageto Adrial Patridge
FMelinda Patridge
MMoors Patridge
Birth21 Oct 1812
DeathDec 1897
Marriage07 Jul 1833to Parmella Mitchell
MCyrus S. Patridge
Birth16 Aug 1813
Death03 May 1879
Marriage25 Feb 1839to Mehitable Theresa Boynton
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Moors Patridge
Birth21 Oct 1812
DeathDec 1897
Marriage07 Jul 1833to Parmella Mitchell
FatherAdrial Patridge
MotherElizabeth Stickney
PARENT (F) Parmella Mitchell
BirthABT 1811
Death28 May 1895 Salem, Ny
Marriage07 Jul 1833to Moors Patridge
MAlexander M. Patridge
Birth05 Feb 1852
MJames Oswald Patridge
Birth27 Jul 1834
Death1932Northport, Long Island, Ny
Marriageto Almira Naomi Bedell
Marriageto ?
[S-1842794031] Partridge, Howard Oswald
Descendancy Chart
Moors Patridge b: 21 Oct 1812 d: Dec 1897
Parmella Mitchell b: ABT 1811 d: 28 May 1895
Alexander M. Patridge b: 05 Feb 1852
James Oswald Patridge b: 27 Jul 1834 d: 1932
Clarence Oswald Patridge b: 24 Oct 1874
Willard G. Patridge b: 04 Jul 1867
Charles Brownell Patridge b: 22 Sep 1868
Mary Louise Smith b: 11 Aug 1872
Oswald Dayton Patridge b: 25 May 1899 d: 08 Dec 1955
Merton E. Patridge b: 02 Jun 1896
Edith Patridge b: 23 Dec 1894 d: 10 Feb 1985

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